Magnesium citrate Benefits

Magnesium citrate Benefits: what it is, consumption and contraindications of this supplement
Properties of the magnesium citrate
Do you recommended to take this nutrient, but you don’t really know what this is about? Magnesium citrate is a supplement that can help you obtain the necessary levels of magnesium. Discover what it is for, how to take it and its side effects, how by reading this article!

What is magnesium citrate, know more about magnesiun citrate benefits

I will tell you if you still don’t know, that magnesium citrate is a compound of magnesium and citric acidused as a nutritional supplement, which can help you to recover the optimal levels of magnesium in the body. What is magnesium? Sometimes, either after an illness, for a little diet balanced or by too much stress, your body can being low on magnesium, which can cause many health problems.

To help you recover, nothing better than to consume foods rich in magnesium, but you can also speed up the process by incorporating the same, supplements of magnesium. Now, do you want to know which are the properties of magnesium citrate? Find out in the following paragraphs.

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What is the magnesium citrate benefits

As you already know, magnesium is one of the essential minerals of your body, since it performs many vital functions and is involved in over 600 enzymatic reactions. Basically, the magnesium citrate will help you to keep the levels of this mineral in your organism, which will help you to keep healthy the following aspects.

Like other magnesium supplements, especially of magnesium chloride, magnesium citrate also has a laxative action, which is very suitable for consumption if you suffer from constipation. But, you should not exaggerate with the consumption of this supplement laxative to prevent possible diarrhea.

One of the main functions of magnesium is to keep the right tone muscle, which is of great help to achieve adequate muscle relaxation, preventing nocturnal leg cramps, and helping them to recover quickly after an injury.

The citrate of magnesium solgar plays a very important role, working in the relaxation of the walls of the venous and arterial blood, stimulating the optimal blood circulation, avoiding any type of heart disease and cardiovascular accidents.

The extract of magnesium will also be of great utility to relieve the terrible pain caused by migraines, because it relieves the pressure and clear the veins and arteries, one of the main causes that tend to cause these annoying headaches.

Bones, nails and teeth
To maintain adequate levels of magnesium will be of great help to achieve strong bones, reducing the chances of suffering from fractures of the product of osteoporosis. In addition, the magnesium citrate will be of great utility to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth and nails, preventing it from fraying.

Does magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride?

While there are many supplements of magnesium, without a doubt, the chloride of magnesium and magnesium citrate are those who have earned the most popularity. Both magnesium supplements you can easily find them in pharmacies and herbalists, being very similar to their beneficial health effects.

Chloride of magnesium. It has been found that magnesium chloride has a higher bioavailability, since its solubility in water is very large, which facilitates the absorption of magnesium when you consume orally. For this reason, the magnesium chloride is the most laxative magnesium supplements, which can be of great help to detoxify the organism. But, you should avoid drinking if you suffer from heartburn, hiatal hernia or reflux.
Magnesium citrate. For its part, is also easy to absorb and assimilate in your body. It will be of great help in case of constipation or if you suffer from diseases of the colon, but you should avoid it in case you have a tendency to have diarrhea.
Do you already know if you’re going to consume this nutrient or magnesium chloride? Do not hold more and want to start taking this supplement? Take note of the following recommendations.

As you take the magnesium

Now that you know what is magnesium citrate, you will be useful to know that you can find the citrate magnesium sold in pharmacies, houses of dietary and in online stores. It is common to view the article presented in the form of tablets or powders, as these are the best ways of absorption for this supplement. It is recommended that you consume citrate with the stomach almost empty, at least 2 hours after a meal, accompanied by a glass of water.

Keep in mind that this supplement can stimulate bowel movements between 30 minutes to 6 hours after you have consumed. Avoid taking any other medications within 2 hours before or 2 hours after you have eaten, to help her better absorption and follow the instructions of your doctor on the exact dose to take, to avoid suffering hipermagnesemia or overdose of magnesium.

Side effects and contraindications

Despite all the benefits it can provide you with the magnesium, you should also be aware that you may experience some side effects.

Blood in the stool
Difficulty breathing

Consultation with your doctor if you can consume this supplement if you suffer from:

Kidney disease
Digestive problems
Consume antibiotics
Other magnesium supplements
If you are interested in to avoid suffering magnesium deficiency in your body, but you can’t buy it, don’t worry! You can consume this mineral through other magnesium supplements. I recommend you take a look at the following alternatives.

Chloride of magnesium. You’re going to discover why this supplement has become one of the most consumed. In addition, you will learn the easy way to prepare the chloride crystallized.
Milk of magnesia. You’ll know a different way to bring magnesium into your body and how to consume this supplement to get their benefits.
Carbonate and magnesium lactate. You will find two different supplements, but equally effective, which will help you to maintain adequate levels of magnesium in your body, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

IMPORTANT: The mission of “this nutrient: what it is, consumption and contraindications of this supplement” is to help you be informed, NEVER substitute for medical consultation.